Caring for your Furniture

With the right care and attention, you will enjoy many years of supreme comfort and satisfaction from your upholstery.
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General Care

Your furniture is designed to be enjoyed in extreme comfort for many years to come. However a few precautions need to be followed in order to keep your furniture looking good. Sitting on the edges of cushions or on the arms may cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric. Please take care to avoid sharp objects such as buckles, rivets, jewellery, toys and pets claws snagging the fabric. Should this occur, gently pull the snag through from the reverse of the fabric if possible, or very carefully snip off with scissors – never pull from the front surface as this may cause more damage.

Upholstery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods as this may result in the fabric fading and in some cases rotting. Do be aware that newspaper print, denim and other dark fabrics tend to transfer their colours onto upholstery readily.


Whilst it is anticipated that the cushions will lose their initial loft within a few weeks and settle into their natural shape, with regular care and attention, their bounce will be maintained. All cushions should be plumped up regularly, preferably nightly before retiring to maintain their appearance and loft.

Opening up the zip periodically to introduce air amongst the feather/fibre fillings will give them a chance to recover. This method in particular will benefit the feather filled backrest cushions. Regularly giving the DuPont Qualofill seat cushions a hearty pummel will restore the fillings back into the central area of the cushion. Regular turning and interchanging of cushion positions will distribute wear to both the cushion pad and the fabric. It will also help greatly to slightly “lift” the seat cushions away from the sofa when you have finished sitting on them for a prolonged period, enabling the cushions to decompress, this will recover their loft.

Regular Cleaning

To keep your sofa looking good regular cleaning will need to be carried out before general soiling becomes too ingrained, as dust and dirt can accelerate the wear of the fabric and cause colours to lose their original vibrancy. Weekly vacuuming using the appropriate attachment will greatly prolong fabric life and enhance the appearance whilst helping to restore the pile of chenille fabrics. Although it may be possible to have the cushion covers and arm covers dry cleaned separately from the main body of the furniture, this can result in a slight miss-match of colours and possible shrinkage. We recommend any cleaning to be carried out on the whole piece in situ by a professional upholstery cleaning company such as Servicemaster Clean who have the experience and training in treating different fabric finishes. This will ensure the best possible results.

Spots and Spills

If attempting to remove a spill or stain, ACT QUICKLY! Do not allow the spill to dry. Often the spill can be successfully removed by simply blotting. Use only unpatterned white kitchen roll or a soft white cloth to carefully and patiently blot until there is no transfer. Be aware that many propriety fabric cleaners may affect the dye and finishing in certain fabrics causing ringing or smudging. Test an inconspicuous area first, check the results once dried. If in any doubt, please do seek professional help such as Servicemaster Clean who are well trained to give you advice over the phone.


There are very few upholstery fabrics that are suitable for washing as there are issues involved such as colour run, shrinkage and loss of pile. There are however a few select fabrics within our range which can be safely machine washed. If you have selected a fabric which is washable which will be indicated on your sales receipt, please refer to the fabric manufacture's website for full fabric care information. Upholstery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods as this may result in the fabric fading and in some cases rotting. Do be aware that newspaper print, denim and other dark fabrics tend to transfer their colours onto upholstery readily.


Our sofas and chairs come with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee which covers the beech frame, (providing the furniture has been used correctly). It does not cover the upholstery fabric or the seat cushion interiors as their longevity will vary according to the degree of upkeep given. We hope that you find these notes helpful in keeping your upholstery in the best possible condition. As you can see, with a little time spent on a regular basis you will maintain a high level of enduring comfort and keep your furniture looking good for many years to come. We want you to be very happy with your furniture and if there is any further advice we can offer that has not been covered, please contact us by phone or email.

Reupholstering Service

We offer a comprehensive reupholstering service to our customers. You will have access to our full range of fabrics, and we will, of course, be on hand to advise and guide you in deciding the best fabric choice to suit your furniture and your home.
Give your treasured piece of furniture a new lease of life, and it will stand proudly in your home, and possibly the homes of generations to come, looking its very best.

We are here to offer or advise on the best fabric choice for your sofa and your home. You can take a look at our extensive and eclectic range of fabrics from leading suppliers, on our fabrics and materials page.
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For professional cleaning and advice we recommend
Servicemaster Clean: 01392 420265